Dr. Malinowski's Embedded Network Laboratory

Offered Courses about aspects of Embedded Systems and Computer Networks

The laboratory opened in early Fall 2007 and supports students of Dr. Malinowski's four elective courses as well as ECE470/570 which is one of the core digital elective course:

Microcontroller Linux and Operating Systems (Course)

Linux Documentation and How Tos

Linux, ucLinux, and other Operating Systems

How Tos

Virtual Machines

BeagLebONE Family Embedded Platform (featured)

RaspberryPi Embedded Platform

FreeRTOS - used in C and RTOS for Embedded Systems

All 8-bit Silicon Labs 8051 Family Systems

Important: Please use SiLabs IDE V4.80 that is provided in the lab with our boards. The lab utilizes SDCC V2.80 and V3.00 with V3.20 also installed into a different folder. Note that SDCC 3.20 does not generate files that SiLabs IDE requires for in-circuit debugging. The provided demo Keil (V7.04 + BL V5.15) allows for 4KB of user-compiled code. If your project uses SDCC and the configuration does not point to the correct location of SDCC the IDE will revert to using the demo Keil compiler.

8-bit Silicon Labs 8051 with TCP/IP stack

8-bit Silicon Labs 8051 System with USB stack

8-bit Silicon Labs 8051 Evaluation System with LCD Display

8-bit Silicon Labs 8051 System with CAN bus stack

ECE205 with Atmel ATMega 128

ATmega128 Tutorials

ATmega128 Data Sheets

ATmega128 Software Support

Prototype Board and Peripherals

Soundcard Oscilloscopes

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