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This is a street view of Bradley University Renaissance Coliseum and adjacent block of Glenwood Avenue from the third floor of Jobst Hall Building. It is transmitted live 24/7 from the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department from Dr. Malinowski's office window. This Web page is a small spin off project derived from the technology used in a few of recent senior capstone projects in our department, especially remote-controlled robots.

The webcam snapshots are stored off site typically every five minutes and at the end of each day converted to a daily movie by Weather Underground. The daily video summary may not be available for some days as the freeware software used for this project is not always reliable.

The frame rate used to be up to five frames per second but I had to limit it to one frame per second recently because of server performance degradation for other Web services when someone uses the WebCam. You can switch to rapid update mode by "dragging" your mouse over the image. The status bar was added after encountering network cache management problems in Java2 release 6 - now corrected.

Geocache fans, please see check this geochache site description. This link points to the current still image to allow easy saving as a file.

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